Wednesday, February 01, 2006

human interest

Human interest stories always get people's attention, and also make the content feel more real, as its connected to real, concrete, people (if you know what I mean) rather than just abstract ideas.

A neat way to do this, quickly and easily, can be found at:

if you open the

"US lawmakers react to State of the Union speech"

box halfway down the page.

The added value is twofold, I think - adding pics is always interesting, but even more to the point, adding "humans" gives it a contextual richness and anchors it in the current context, no?



At 12:42 pm , Blogger Frank Lyons said...

Teaching is like theatre or comedy where you try to get a message across but sustain the audience with human interest or jokes. I agree with Roy that human interest helps learning, but beware working with children and animals.


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